Saturday, March 26, 2011

...dada, mama, wood & potter

When this documentary was filmed in Ojai, California in 1992 Beatrice was a one hundred year old internationally recognized artist who had led a truly remarkable life. As one of the core members of the renegade dada art movement in the 1910's in New York, Beatrice Wood was intimately involved with Marcel Duchamp and Henri Pierre Roché, whose novel Jules et Jim is based on the relationship between the three of them. Beatrice Wood was Duchamp's muse, and she was the last surviving link to those heady times. In 1962 the novel was adapted for the silver screen and made into the film Jules et Jim that starred Jeanne Moreau and Oskar Werner. It was directed by François Truffaut.
The film was the winner of the CINE Golden Eagle and was the first American film to win the Golden Panda award at the Sichuan Television Festival, Chengdu China. The film appeared nationally on PBS in late 1993.
Of note is that Beatrice served as the inspiration for the character "Rose," in the film Titanic. The director, James Cameron, spent quality time with Beatrice before filming Titanic. Hence, the music in the background is from the soundtrack of Titanic. So, turn your speakers on and enjoy.
Tom Neff produced and directed this film.
Unless indicated, Lou Delgado is the photographer.