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Transactions of The Jewish Historical Society of England

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12 1928/31 David Nieto and his contemporaries (I. Solomons).
New material for literary history of pre-Expulsion English Jews (A.Marmorstein).

Jews of Bristol in pre-Expulsion Days (M. Adler).

Jews of Malta (C.Roth).

Looking Backward – Looking Forward (G. Tuck).

Sir Hermann Gollancz (1852-1930) (H. Loewe).

Canon H.P. Stokes (1849-1931) (H. Loewe).

18 1953/55 Don Pacifico (A.M. Hyamson)
Jacob Waley 1818-1873 (B.B. Benas)
Jewish history and archives (Sir H. Jenkinson)
Some English examples of medieval representation of Church and Synagogue (L. Edwards)
Israel Zangwill (J. Leftwich)
Francis Town of Bond Street (1738-1826) and his family, with further notes on early Anglo-Jewish artists (A. Rubens)
Anglo-Jewish silver (A.G. Grimwade)
Anglo-Jewish architects and architecture in 18th and 19th centuries (E. Jamilly)
18th century Anglo-Jewry in and around Richmond, Surrey (Rachel Daiches-Dubens)
Portuguese Jews in Jacobean London (E.R. Samuel)
Anglo-Jewry and development of American Jewish Life 1775-1850 (J.J. Neusner)
Sir George Jessel (1824-1883) (I. Finestein)
Medieval sources for Anglo-Jewish history: the Problem of Publication (Sir H. Jenkinson)
Memorial Addresses: Albert Montefiore Hyamson (C. Roth); Redcliffe Nathan Salaman (J.W. Parkes)

21 1962/7 Haham Meldola and Hazan de Sola (R.D. Barnett)
Problems of the London Sephardi community 1720-33 (A.S. Diamond)
Anatomy of medieval Anglo-Jewry (V.D. Lipman)
Rise of Jewish Suburbia (V.D. Lipman)
Joseph Salvador (1716-86) (M. Woolf)
Herem of Rabenu Tam in Queen Anne’s London (G.W. Busse)
Solomon Marcus Schiller-Szinessy (1820-90) (R. Loewe)
Memoires of an octogenarian Jewish bookseller (M.L. Ettinghousen)
Russo-Jewish immigrants in England before 1881 (A.R. Rollin)
Dr Abraham Benisch as newspaper editor (J. M. Shaftesley)
Hyman Hurwitz: first Anglo-Jewish Professor (L. Hyman)
Abraham Sussman – from Berdichew to Bevis Marks (Phyllis Abrahams)
The Reverend Dr. Joseph Chotzner (A. Carlebach)
Abraham Solomon, painter of fashion and Simeon Solomon, decadent artist (L. Lambourne)
Judith Montefiore, First Lady of Anglo-Jewry (Sonia L. Lipman)
Non-religious factors in the emergence of the Chief Rabbinate (N. Cohen)
The London Get of 1287 (L. Rabinowitz)
“Judaising” in the period of the English Reformation (J. Fines)
Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein (C. Roth and Ruth P. Lehmann)

22 1968/9 Benjamin Disraeli, Karl Marx, and the search for identity (Sir Isaiah Berlin)
Why Anglo-Jewish History? (Cecil Roth)
The Expulsion of the Jews from Prague in 1745 (Aubrey Newman)
The Jews of Brighton 1779-1900 (David Spector)
The origins of the Jewish Orphanage (Edward S. Conway)
Sir Winston Churchill and Israel (Oskar K. Rabinowicz)
The Rothschilds in caricature (Alfred Rubens)
19th century Jewish colonies in Cyprus (John M. Shaftesley)
A list of Jewish persons endenizened and naturalised 1609-1799 (W.S. Samuel, edited with a foreward by R.D. Barnett and A.S. Diamond)
Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-33 (Arthur P. Arnold, with introduction by R.D. Barnett)
A Letter from a Jewish Bookseller (A. Schischa) Laws of the Society

25 1973/5 The beginnings of the Newcastle Jewish community (G.D. Guttentag)
Leonard Woolf’s attitudes to his Jewish background and to Judaism (Freema Gottlieb)
David Gabay’s 1660 letter from London (Edgar R. Samuel)
Was Moyse’s Hall, Bury St Edmunds, a Jew’s house? (Edgar R. Samuel)
The Jews in the Canary Islands: A Resettlement-evaluation (Professor Haim Beinart)
Aaron Levy Green (1821-1883) (Alex M. Jacob)
Jewish glass-makers (Zoe Josephs)
Rabbi Jacob Judah Leon (Templo) of Amsterdam (1603-75) and his connections with England (A.L. Shane)
Weizmann: A new type of leadership in the Zionist movement (Professor Chimen Abramsky)
Jews in English Regular Freemasonry 1717-1860 (John M. Shaftesley; List (Appendix) by the Rev. Morris Rosenbaum)
Diplomatic aspects of the Sephardi influx from Portugal in the early 18th century (Richard D. Barnett)
Provincial Jewry in Victorian Britain: a report (Aubrey Newman)
Bibliographical Serendipity (A. Schischa) – Haham Azulay’s Moreh b’Etzbah and Tsiporen Shamir
Registered communities in 1852
Longfellow’s ‘A Psalm of Life’ in Hebrew
Cecil Roth Bibliography: Supplement (Robert Singerman)
The ‘Gaster Papers’ (Trude Levi)
Deputies Records Catalogued
Book notes

26 1974/78 The historian in two worlds (Aubrey N. Newman)
Ashkenazic reactions to the conversionists 1800-1850 (Rabbi Harvey W. Meirovich)
The stirrings of the 1590s and the return of the Jews to England (Professor Theodore K. Rabb)
The decline and expulsion of the medieval Jews of York (Professor R.B. Dobson)
George Eliot: her Jewish associations – a centenary tribute (Beth-Zion Lask Abrahams)
The Jew as scapegoat? The settlement and reception of Jews in South Wales before 1914 (Geoffrey Alderman)
The Jews of Spanish North Africa 1600-1669 (Jonathan Israel)
The settlement of Jews in Gibraltar 1704-83 (Mesod Benady)
Tributes: Arthur Sigismund Diamond 1897-1978 by Judge Israel Finestein: Rabbi Sir Israel Brodie 1895-1979 by Vivian D. Lipman.
Passover in Shakespeare’s London (Edgar Samuel)
The Jews of Cornwall in local tradition (Venetia Newall)
Book notes

27 1978/80 Anglo-Jewry in the 18th century: a presidential address (Aubrey Newman)
Manuel Levy Duarte (1631-1714): an Amsterdam merchant jeweller and his trade with London (Edgar Samuel)
Richard of Devizes and the alleged martyrdom of a boy at Winchester (Patricia Allin)
James Finn: Her Britannic Majesty’s Consul at Jerusalem between 1846 and 1863 (Beth-Zion Lask Abrahams)
The Central British Fund for World Jewish Relief (Joan Steibel)
Claude Montefiore, Lily Montagu, and the origins of the Jewish Religious Union (Steven Bayme)
The assassination of Lord Moyne (Bernard Wasserstein)
Dr Jacob de Castro Sarmento and Sephardim in medical practice in 18th century London (Richard Barnett)
A reassessment of Benjamin Disraeli’s Jewish aspects (Benjamin Jaffe)
Talmud (Edgar Samuel)
Hebrew printed books in the library of Westminster Abbey (David Goldstein)
Sir Solomon de Medina’s textile warehouse (Diana de Marly)
Book notes.

28 1981/2 Jews and castles in medieval England (Vivian D. Lipman)
Anglo-Jewish country houses from the Resettlement to 1800 (Malcolm Brown)
A modern examination of Macaulay’s case for the civil emancipation of the Jews (Israel Finestein)
Anglo-Jewry and Essaouira (Mogodor) 1860-1900: the social implications of philanthropy (Daniel Schroeter)
Jewish-Christian relations since the inception of the Council of Christians and Jews (William W. Simpson)
Sir Hersch Lauterpacht: teacher, writer and judge – a presidential address (Dorothy Stone)
Localism and pluralism in British Jewry 1900-80 (Barry A. Kosmin)
Dr Hector Nunez: Elizabethan merchant (Charles Meyers)
An 18th century plan to invade Jamaica: Isaac Yeshurun Sasportas – French patriot or Jewish radical idealist? (Zvi Loker)
The Jewish cemetery at Kalkara, Malta (Derek Davis)
Moses Montefiore and Canada (Michael Brown)
Book notes.

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