Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SiriOm Singh and Roy Spungin at Danny's Beer in Ein Hod

Bhakti House of Devotion is a spiritual center in Trenton run by SiriOm Singh and Ayala Shimelman, a married couple respectively raised Christian and Jewish who embark on an international interfaith tour to Israel each year as a peace effort. The event will help support their journey.
A native Israeli, Shimelman rejects religious labels and concentrates on an
individual path that strives to make a positive impact. Raised Episcopalian, Singh
gravitated to Sikhism by way of yoga.
"As a young adult, I drifted away from the church,'' Singh said. "Its doctrine
really didn't speak to me, and I didn't feel that wholeness and peace that I yearned
for. I like to say yoga found me, I didn't find it. Out of that experience, Sikhism
spoke to me wholeheartedly and lovingly with inclusion of all races and denominations throughout the world.''
Shimelman added, "It's like God has a big switchboard that He switches for different
faiths. It's a link to the same place, it's just a different way of getting connected.''( MORE...)
Roy Spungin, Ph.D. - blues harp
Dr. Spungin has been playing Blues harp since 1975 when he met guitarist Brian Garrow, a member of the Mohawk Indian Tribe in upstate New York. After jamming with Brian to the likes of "Stormy Monday" in the echoing hallways of the basement of their dormitory, 'Doc' Roy spent the next twenty-five years in the New York City music scene wandering from jam to jam in some of Greenwich Village's finest music venues. Since immigrating to Israel in 2003, Doc Spungin found his musical niche with the Kostiza Band and performs Blues, Rock 'n Roll, Motown, and Jazz on a weekly basis in the northern city of Haifa

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