Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Ein Hod Gate: 1996 Golden Calf

Directed by Doron Shapiro.
Nobuya Yamaguchi has been working with metal for 20 years, creating sculptures and forged iron works and designs including Ein-Hod's sculpture-gate.
Four years ago, he started to be interested in the sounds of the metal while forging it and created several sculptures that produced various sounds when spectators hit them like gongs or xlylogong. Both were in the exhibition "Sculpture as Play, by the Art museums Forum)
Nobuya continued to search for new sounds within the metal, though hearing about Steel- Pan –a melodic percussion instrument originated in Trinidad, in the Caribbean islands.
During his last visit to Japan he happened to meet Master Michael Robinson –Steel - Pan maker and tuner from Trinidad that lives, performs and teaches in Japan.
Nobuya learned the art of pan –making and tuning and
started to make his own instruments in his workshop in Ein-Carmel.
"Tuning the instrument is also tuning oneself" he says.
Workshops and concerts of steel – Pan are held for groups and individuals and it is also possible to purchase Original hand – made steel Pan in the workshop.(read more...)

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