Friday, May 21, 2010

Georgian Cognac and ...

The special love of Georgians for wine is not accidental. If you talk to just about any good winemaker, you will come away with the feeling that he or she has a vast wealth of winemaking knowledge to draw from, and that the winemaker consistently fine-tunes his or her approach to meet the requirements of a given wine. It is much like man fine tuning his approach to meet beautiful women. If you ask any Georgian about which is the best wine in the world, their immediate answer will be ‘Georgian’. They may also specify whose wine exactly – his, his uncle’s, brother’s, neighbor’s, etc. The Georgian wine is often compared to the company of beautiful women. Some winemakers out there who don't operate this way; they get by with a rigid, 'recipe' approach to winemaking. But this philosophy is not the best in the long run.

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