Monday, June 21, 2010

Lisa, Bach and Abu Gosh

מצא עוד סרטים כאלה ב-Ein Hod עין הוד

Lisa Verchovsky ( Ein Hod ) sings
J.S.Bach-"Et Exultavit Spiritus Meus" from "Magnificat"
abu gosh 2.1.2010
on piano eyal bat
The village of Abu Gosh has important Christian connections. Beginning in the twelfth century, Christians began to identify Abu Gosh as Emmaus, where Jesus appeared after the Resurrection (Luke 24:12-31). They imagined an old caravansary they found by the village spring as the destination of the disciples as they walked along the road about seven miles from Jerusalem (Luke 24:13).
The villages impressive Crusader church, in a tranquil garden setting, is built over that spring. Its walls are adorned with paintings of New Testament figures some of the oldest medieval frescos in the world.
Abu Gosh has also been identified as Kiriath Jearim, where the Ark of the Covenant was brought after Philistine captivity (1 Sam. 6:21); a church on the hill with a panoramic view marks that spot.
ליסה ורכובסקי( עין הוד ) שרה באך באבו גוש
ein hod עין הוד

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