Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango

The band have only just celebrated their second anniversary, and they made their first trip to Europe with Diplo when they'd only played five gigs in Brazil. D'eyrot admits that their rise has been incredibly fast. Did they never worry that singing in their native Portuguese might be a handicap to success? “It was never an issue, because we never meant to be a band. It was a joke that became an album, that got signed to Diplo's label. We never stop to think about what we're going to do, we just do it. Bonde do Role is very random. For us it's all about the fun, and if it's not fun it's not worth doing. People can think whatever they like about us, but I'd like them to listen to Bonde Do Role in 10-15 years' time and laugh their asses off. Like they do with Bon Jovi.”

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