Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Danny "Bill Gates" Verhovsky

Time Warner's U.S. Internet giant American Online is once again using Israeli technology to help it battle its rivals. This time AOL's answer to Google and Yahoo! is Israeli startup Yedda from Kfar Malal.
Only a few days after buying Quigo, AOL has decided to buy the question-and- answer-service site (www.yedda.com) for tens of millions of dollars.
Yedda's 20 employees have developed a semantic search engine that can analyse questions and requests. The site invites users users to post questions, and then asks others to answer the questions or match them to existing answers.
The founders of Yedda are CEO Avichay Nissenbaum, 41; chief technology officer Yaniv Golan, 35; vice president of research and development Osher Frimerman, 44; and entrepreneurs Daniel Verhovsky and Eran Sandler.

"Daniel Verhovsky - master of the Yedda stove pipes, making all the pieces actually work. Between Yedda and his new born, still finds time for endless hours of WoW gaming. A vocal supporter for adding “Advanced Search”, and, last but not least, his skills as a former truck driver often come in handy".

(more from Haaretz)

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