Friday, November 23, 2007

Online Bookseller: Guide for the Perplexed

Since the invention of movable type the sale of new, used and rare books has been a large, steady worldwide market. The sheer love of books has segued many from collectors into dealers, the 'prestige' of dealing in a respected product has compelled others into the trade, as have the mathematics: few collectible commodities can be as readily found as books. Even in today's competitive market, book gems can still be found in such pedestrian venues as flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops and even thrown out on curbs and in dumpsters.
Prior to the Internet, finding salable used books had often been easier than finding their values. Information of all types values, bibliographic lore and edition status were jealously guarded secrets acquired through experience, expensive sets of auction record books and by plowing through piles of auction catalogs.
Years ago, the most common way booksellers discovered they had under-priced a book was to list the title in a catalog or industry magazine and receive 10 orders for the book within a day. Now, thanks to Internet book-listing services, meta-site search engines and auctions, all that has changed.; today there is a transparency to book pricing that allows virtually anyone retirees, 'once-cent wonder' types and the semi-literate to become booksellers. All that is required is an Internet-connected computer, access to books, a place to store them and the willingness to do the work.(much more on ecommerce )
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