Friday, April 10, 2009

From Biodome thru Paris Hilton to Ecosphere in Ein Hod

Al Gore made the environment as hot as Paris Hilton made the same aforementioned word, well, hot. But in a country like Israel, constantly concerned with security at the expense of most everything else, ecology remains an esoteric subject usually thought about only in regards to the short term.
Niv Zohar Horowitz and Aya Zindel, organizers of Ecosphere, Israel's first green art and environment festival, both hope that the festival's principles will be adopted by society-at-large. This will, again they hope, affect our leaders to act in a responsible way, giving emphasis to the long-term consequences of our short-term actions. To maintain its values the festival takes place in the enchanting Ein Hod artists' village, located in a Biosphere nature reserve on the slopes of Mount Carmel which, according to UNESCO, embodies the balance between man and nature. The festival itself aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Centered around the modern international art exhibit Al Hamakom (About the Place), which deals with the relationship between man and environment, the festival features exhibits of different types: sculpture, video art and installations. Artists from around the world include such names as Yoko "John and I stayed in bed to promote peace" Ono with "The Wishing Tree," France's Jean Luke Wilmott, Benny Efrat with his work Blond Cows, Avraham Eilat, and the Tav Group. (read more...)
Passover 2009 in Ein Hod
April 9-15
Galleries and artists studios are open around the village.
Entrance to the village of Ein Hod Artists - Free
There is a fee for entrance to Museums
Museum Janco Dada. Permanent exhibition of Marcel Janco and Contemporary art. Number 2 on the map
Nisco Museum of Musical Instruments. An experience for the whole family. 052-4755313 Number 12 on the map
Japanese Experience - dates - 10- 14 at 11:30 by appointment 04-9843048, 050-7548009 Number 58 on the map
Glass Blowing – explanation and demo - for the whole family. By appointment - 04-9841105 Number 26 on the map
At Gertrude Kraus House – Ecological Films, free Number 4 on the map
House of Culture - display works of pottery by Tal Shahar Number 5 on the map
A spot for alternative treatments for visitors - Art & Wear Gallery Number 13 on the map
Booths throughout the village of artists and designers
"For God's Sake" an exhibition by Nadav Bloch & Nechama Levendel at Bloch-Levendel Gallery 054-4546530 Number 37 on the map
Art Bar: ÄnaLia ceramic masks painting workshop. Number 15 on the map
Workshops for children and adults
Mabdada Museum Janco Dada. 04-9541656 Number 2 on the map
Painting on Ceramics - Magal. 04-9842313 Number 25 on the map
Pottery - Verchovsky, and a second hand bookstore - 04-9841107 Number 33 on the map
Mosaic - Alon Yarkoni - 054-5614428
Intuitive Painting and food - Iris Smra - 050-6580534 Number 43 on the map
Photography Workshop - Vivian Roy. A selection of options, by appointment - 04-9541673 Number 29 on the map
Weaving and dolls workshop Number 15 on the map
Restaurant Donia Rosa - Argentine kitchen - 04-9543777 Number 3 on the map
Abu Yaacov Restaurant - 04-9843377 Number 7 on the map
Ein Hod Coffee - Kosher food for Passover - 077-3241052 Number 6 on the map
Art Bar - Beer and Music - concerts every day from April 9th to April 16th from 12:30 to 14:00 and from April 12th to April 15th, also from 15:00 to 16:30. - 052-8362498 Number 15 on the map
Ein Hod Artists' Web Site-
Village Map Pesach 2009 --
and there is another post-HERE

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