Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zion's first micro-brewer: עין הוד בירת הבירה

In the picturesque artist settlement of Ein Hod , Danny Shlyfestone, Sion 's first micro-brewer and his lovely wife, Analia, welcomed our little circle of venturers and dish up some of the best beer we 'd ever savour.
The cosy ginmill of wood and wicker was warm and welcoming, muchly a merchandise of the artist settlement itself. Blown and stained glass by local artists and Analia 's pictures beautified the shelves and walls of their charming Art Saloon.
And us? We sat back and savour the relaxed ambience taking inwards Danny 's narratives along with the beer, pizza with everything and the steamer hot pumpkin soup.
He treated us with narratives from back in the day ' when he was working in a sound studio in London running the audio board for the up-to-the-minute Rolling Stones album when there was a knocking at the door. The door was at the terminal of a long hall.

`` I ran downwards the hallway, opened the still-banging door and who was standing there... Steven Stills. You cognize, of Crosby, Nash & Stills.
`` He tells, Hey, I 'm here to see the boys. So I run back down the hallway, because there was this regulation, no one comes inwards without the Stones ' OK Sol I run into the studio and state, hey, uh, Steven Stills is here to see you. Mickey and the bozo all state great, direct him in. Except Keith ( Richards ). Ordinal No fashion, he Holds coming in here, insists Keith.
`` So, it turns out that a few nighttimes earlierly, the two of them interchanged blows. Seems Steven holded the last word ' because Keith was not allowing him in. So I holded moved out into the hall and say Steven Stills he could n't come inward. The following day when we were all back in the studio, there Holds another knocking at the door. In comes Ringo Star and some attorney.
`` And who creeps inwards between them but, Steven Stills. NO, shouts Keith. He ca n't come inward.
`` Well, eventually after hrs in the hall, Steven deposited his caput in. Hey man, I 'm rattlingly bad '. Keith gave in. Steven came in and we completed the recording. ''

(read more at Christian Bennett Blog)

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