Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ein Hod: 05.06.1982 on Gotlieb's Roof

On 3 June 1982, the Palestinian militant group Fatah-The Revolutionary Council (headed by Yasser Arafat's opponent Abu Nidal) attempted to assassinate Shlomo Argov, Israel's ambassador in London, paralyzing him. Rafael Eitan, who was then the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Forces, responded to in his famous saying: "Abu Nidal, abu shmidal. We need to screw PLO!" אבו נידאל, אבו שמידאל. צריך לדפוק את אש"ף
On 4 June and 5 June 1982, Israeli F-16 planes bombed Palestinian refugee camps and other PLO targets in Beirut and southern Lebanon. For the first time in over ten months, the PLO responded by launching artillery and mortar attacks on civilian centers in northern Israel.
On 6 June 1982, Israeli forces under direction of Defense Minister Ariel Sharon invaded southern Lebanon in "Operation Peace of the Galilee".(from wikipedia)
On the photo Zvi Garti,Bob Nechin and I- 10 minutes before being called to join my Army Unit.

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