Sunday, June 1, 2008

Małgorzata (Margalit) Krasucka in Ein Hod

Malgorzata Krasucka – MARGALIT, was born in Warsaw in 1952. A pupil of Professor Zygmunt Madejski - a painter and pedagogue – she also apprenticed at the studios of professors Janusz Przybylski and Stefan Gierowski at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (1971-1974).
A 1973 individual exhibition in Lund Sweden marks her professional debut. Although most of her creative work is dedicated to painting, she also draws, illustrates books, designs posters and signs, and includes photography in her artistic work.
Margalit developed her very own painting technique on canvas and on paper. Her works follow a convention of figurative abstract with a clearly surrealistic treatment of the subject.
The Ein Hod showing is the twenty-third individual exhibition of her artistic achievements.
Over thirteen hundred of her paintings can be found in private collections and galleries in Poland and abroad.

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