Saturday, June 14, 2008

J. Views and Ein Hod Ties

The J.Viewz project was established by Jonathan Dagan mid 2002. Whilst working with the band Violet Vision on their 2nd album, Jonathan used his spare time to record a solo project. Taking many diverse musicians into the studio, The J.Viewz project started to metamorphosize into ‘freestyle chill’ – blending elements of soft breakbeat, trip-hop, 2 step, jazz and more, all in a mellow groove.
The first J.Viewz track was released on the “Chillout sessions 2” compilation by Blanco y Negro Music of Spain (alongside Sinead O’Connor, Sneaker Pimps, Mike Oldfield, Paul Oakenfold, Massive Attack, and more)
The Live act performs with the following line-up:
Noa Lembersky - Vocals
David Adda - Piano & Keyboards
Danni Makov - Drums & Percussions
Urijah - Trumpet, Guitars, Vocals
Jonathan Dagan - Programming, turntables, guitars
These days the second J.Viewz album is in the making, not much can be revealed at this stage other than this album will feature some interesting guests (Big-bands, orchestras) including the Three-time Grammy award winning master drummer Glen Velez, and will be well worth the wait!
A new EP by J.Viewz, called “The Besides” was released early 2008, this EP also includes a new edit of the Nina Simone remix, and a couple of live recordings.
The captivating experience of J.Viewz Live features new interpretations of their tunes with a unique combination of live instruments, Vocals, electronic drumbeats, live drums and Turntables.(read more...)

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