Saturday, August 23, 2008

Milkmaid Toy

Commissioned by the Dutch Souvenir project, and initiated by the European Ceramic Work Centre,the Milkmaid by Oooms is not your typical souvenir. Inspired by Johannes Vermeer's innocent painting "Het Melkmeisje" (The Milkmaid) this blue and white ceramic dildo is a perfect alternative to bringing back windmills, clogs and tulips.

Studio Oooms has created a line of art pieces that are both ingenious and humorous. Visit their site to see USB sticks encased in chunks of tree branches (so awesome!), cabinets whose doors cannot all be shut at once (so subversive!), hats made out of real human hair (so creepy!) and small huts that can be placed in urban settings for the purpose of clandestine observation (so sneaky!).
The Milkmaid Dildo is part of Studio Oooms’ “Dutch Souvenirs” project, which pokes fun at the sorts of small gifts people typically bring back from the Netherlands. Made of white hollow ceramics, the dildo shows an image of a pensive milkmaid tending her flock. The design is rendered in shades of blue, and the piece is completed with a cork plugging the product’s end.
A small card tucked into the dildo’s packaging warns that the piece is intended as art and not a hard-core sex toy.

Type: Ceramic delft blue dildo with cork
Designers: Davy Grosemans & Guido Ooms
Dimensions: 22 cm / 8,66 in, Ø 2,5 cm / 0,78 in
Price: 130,- Euro

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