Friday, August 22, 2008

QuinQuag or Ein Hod?

The story so far: Having purchased land in the Catskills on which to build a conference center for his Wellness Solutions Group, dot-com entrepreneur Mike Smith has made an exciting discovery. The site used to be home to QuinQuag, a Utopian artists' colony founded in the late '40s and bankrolled by a certain Isabelle Nash, patroness of the arts and the wife of a rich dental-supplies manufacturer. QuinQuag's reputation, we learn, rests largely on its output of folksy handpainted tiles and clunky wooden rocking chairs. Both enterprises were resounding financial failures, though one of the rockers was supposedly given to JFK by Jackie. Halston allegedly contributed a design for another, but "for some reason, it didn't catch on." Despite this, it's all a thrilling revelation for Mike, who, seeing a perfect fit between QuinQuag values and Wellness Solutions' goals, has adopted the colony's name for his company. "When people think about 'wellness' in the future, they'll think 'QuinQuag'!" he declares in a promotion al video, his expression suffused with a nicely judged blend of awed humility and visionary zeal(from UBUWEB)
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