Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ida Kelarova in Ein Hod

The Roma (GYPSY) performers Ida KELAROVA , Desiderius Duzda & from the Czech Republic will give a 3 day " Gypsy Celebration" workshop in the Ein Hod artists village on the Carmel mountains (Israel).
Workshop dates: 4-5-6 DECEMBER 2008
Price: 850.- NIS (food & accomodations not incl)
contact: Yael Koginsky: 0545375975
"I give people the opportunity to express themselves from the very deepest most honest parts of themselves. I encourage people to feel the songs, to wake up some of the passions that they have buried deep down into themselves, sometimes realizing years of pain and sadness which they haven't allowed themselves to show in their lives."


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