Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Your Kar-Ma Killed my Dog-Ma

The Perfect Human (Danish: Det perfekte menneske) is a 1967 short film by Jørgen Leth. It depicts a man and a woman, both labelled 'the perfect human', in a detached manner, as though they were subjects in a zoo.
Von Trier(DOGMA95) admires the film greatly and claims to have seen more than 20 times. In the year 2000, Lars von Trier challenged Jørgen Leth to make five remakes of this film, but each time von Trier put forward obstructions, constraining Leth to re-think the story and the characters of the original film. Playing the naive anthropologist, Leth attempts to embrace the cunning challenges set forth by the devious and sneaky von Trier.(via Dirty)

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