Friday, May 22, 2009

Awkward and Disgusting meet Bizarre and Hilarious

"Copulation," said Leonardo da Vinci, "is awkward and disgusting." Despite his aversion, Leonardo was the first to attempt a cross-sectional anatomical drawing of coition. Some 500 years later, Mary Roach offered herself and her husband as guinea pigs for the modern equivalent: dynamic 3D ultrasound imaging. Although not disgusting, the process is certainly awkward. "Now please make some sort of movement," the scientist tells them as he positions the imaging equipment. Roach certainly gets full marks for unflinching commitment to the job in hand. In search of a link between fertility and orgasms, she visits a pig farm for tips on the best way to stimulate a sow. The Danish government publishes a Five-Point Stimulation Plan; there were six points, but farmers balked at sow vibrators (from Guardian)
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