Thursday, May 7, 2009

A drop of honey catches more...1997

Dan Chamizer - flying puzzle , Nobuya Yamaguchi & Doron Shapira - Fragment in the silent Eye and the opening words...
דן חמיצר - טס בשמי עין הוד ועבודתם של נבויה
ניאמגוצ'י ודורון שפירא - רסיס בעין

Our principal goal is to be a regular stage for contemporary sculpture by Israeli and foreign artists, and in doing it outdoors, bringing Art to a wider range of spectators - those who usually do not visit museums and galleries. During the four exhibitions there were more than 300,000 visitors, including school children, students, tourists and organized groups of various kinds. We see this as an encouraging sign -- that our goal is at hand, that Art can reach everybody if we create the right environment. We believe that Art, as an international language, must lead the way and be the model for understanding and mixing of countries and cultures.

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