Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Japanese Potters: Ningen Kokuho

Potters of Japan (1968): a two-part film that documents the techniques of seven illustrous Japanese potters, including Kei Fujiwara (1899-1983), Takuo Kato (1917-2005), and Yuzo Kondo (1902-1985), each of whom has been recognized with the honorable title Living National Treasure (Ningen Kokuho) by the Japanese government. Shot in various locations in Japan, the films reveal the influence that Japanese pottery has had on ceramics throughout the world and provide insight into Japanese culture through the potters' ceramic methods and philosophies. A particular attraction of the films is the firing of multi-chambered Japanese kilns. Potters of Japan was produced by Indiana artist Richard Peeler (1926-1998)(read more...)

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