Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Julian Chagrin is a comedian, mime, writer , director and blogger husband of Rulanda

This is julian, supported, as usual, by his wife Rolanda.(his new blog)
Ye Blogge (as it was called in Old English) is intended to carry my Writing.Piece 1 "PSEUDONYMS" Prologue : 'Fuck!' is a word with which one should never begin a sentence, let alone a short story or a novel, reference book, or, God forbid, a religious tract. How can you follow it? But still 'Fuck!' is how I am intent on beginning this sentence, short story, novel, reference book, or religious tract, because, as you will see in a few seconds, it is the only possible word to use in the context.But first the names. At all costs we must protect the names, otherwise there could well be incriminations of a serious nature and the someone who could be seriously incriminated would doubtless be me. So let’s find some really good believable pseudonyms. I’m normally not too good at this but here goes:(for more...)

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