Friday, April 27, 2007

steve suffet climbes the ladder

A Cajun dance workshop, fiddle classes and bluegrass gospel music from the Abrams Brothers, a teenage duo from Canada, will be featured at this year's Jacob's Ladder festival, slated to take place May 4 and 5 at Nof Ginasar along the Kinneret.
The weekend festival, popularly known as "the Anglo Mimouna," will include 35 acts on five stages, with performances from blues to bluegrass and Irish to country. More than 3,000 music lovers from around the country are expected to attend the festival, which has been running for 31 years.performances include the local Irish group Evergreeen, a reunion for the group The Taverners and U.S. folksinger and guitarist Steve Suffet. The Jerusalem-based group Elki-Palki, which plays Balkan and gypsy tunes, and Jill Rogoff, who will perform a variety of Jewish music, will also be on stage.The event, which kicks off on a Friday afternoon, will also include a folk-style kabbalat Shabbat service, dance workshops, an Irish pub, and children's activities, as well as yoga, Tai Chi and a number of holistic treatments.
The name of the festival is based on a combination of Kibbutz Machanayim's connection to the biblical story of Jacob, as well as the fact that the word "ladder" in Hebrew, sulam, also refers to a musical scale.
For details or to order tickets, see or call (04) 685 0403 (from haaretz thanks tessa)

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