Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Silver Print Gallery: Vivienne Silver -Brody

Documentors of the Dream: Pioneer Jewish Photographers in the Land of Israel 1890-1933 (Magnes Press and Jewish Publication Society), is the first comprehensive book to chart the origins and development of local photography seen through the eyes of Jewish photographers. The book is part of the series Israel Studies in Historical Georgraphy, edited by Yehoshua Ben-Arieh and Ruth Kark. The material in Documentors of the Dream is based on primary research mostly from Israeli archives, and interviews with descendants of the early photographers. Documentors of the Dream is the work of photographer and photo historian Vivienne Silver-Brody, of the Silver Print Gallery in the Israeli artists' village of Ein Hod on the Carmel (audio webcast interview with Ms. Silver-Brody below).
The photographs, largely unknown and unpublished, testify to a moment when a nascent society set in motion utopian ideas that were to lead towards institutions of contemporary Israeli society. They depict old Yishuv and new Zionist lifestyles, village society, the beginnings of the kibbutz, labor battalions, the guarding of settlements, development of agriculture and land reclamation, construction of roads, the growth of new cities, immigration and community welfare (for pilgrim' corner)

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