Saturday, August 4, 2007

Opening of a dog butcher shop in Paris

Opening of a dog butcher shop in Paris in the 1870s. Animal rights activists may be appalled by images of Chinese and Koreans eating dogs, but not so long ago the French did exactly the same. And according to some, even today dogs end up on French tables. Eating dogs was common during periods of famine and war, and in French Polynesia, half of the aboriginal yellow-furred dogs were consumed as skewered meat during the national holiday, July 14th.
In 1870, when Paris was under siege, people lined up at butcher’s shops, to buy dog meat, and the article of a news service said, “Its taste is as delicious as beef if cooked, with the addition of sauce, and its color is pink, which is beautiful and light“.
Apparently, dogs are still eaten in parts of Paris, where the meat is steamed like chicken, and eaten like sate.(from Frogsmoke)

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