Monday, August 13, 2007

Pat Condell: A few words about the chosen people.

I live in England, which is a Christian country. Not as rabidly so as America, but in a more genteel biscuit-tin sort of way. The Church of England is to religion what the cucumber sandwich is to food – it goes quite nicely with a cup of tea, but that’s about it.Our national flag is the cross of St George, the cross of the Crusades. Our trans-national British flag, the Union Jack, is a blizzard of crosses, each representing a different Christian saint.Our American cousins don’t have a cross on their flag, but they don’t need one. “In God We Trust” is written on their money. A cross on the flag would be overkill, and that’s the army’s job.Both the American president and our prime minister are devout Christians, in a warmongering arms dealing sort of way.As a result, our foreign policy is dictated by American Christian fundamentalist nutcases, who are often in a bad mood with the rest of the world because they find themselves in the awkward position of hating Jews, but loving Israel.Ideally they’d like to see all the Jews in the world living in the Middle East. Then they wouldn’t have to focus so much on keeping them out of their golf clubs.They hate Muslims too, but not in the same way. After all, Muslims didn’t kill Jesus. They only killed a few thousand real people, and destroyed some perfectly good real estate.(Incidentally, I’m not blaming the American people for their government. It’s not as if they have a real choice, any more than we do in Britain. But that’s the price of freedom.)These crackpots love Israel because they want to see the Temple of Solomon rebuilt in Jerusalem, which they believe will herald the second coming of Christ. Then, after the mandatory bloodbath (we are dealing with religion after all) true believers will ascend to heaven on a fluffy golden cloud while the rest of us are pitchforked into the eternal flames of hell.(more on Pat Condell site)

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