Friday, September 28, 2007

Bruce's Magic

"Magic" is the 15th studio album by Bruce Springsteen, to be released in 2007. The first single was "Radio Nowhere", an incredible modern rock song.
This is the new Bruce Springsteen Videoclip: "Long Walk Home". This song is taken from "Magic" album like the second promo song.
"Magic" is his first album with the E Street Band since The Rising in 2002

Bruce Springsteen’s “Long Walk Home,” the second video from his forthcoming Magic, finds a morose Springsteen singing alone in an empty studio, an empty warehouse and an empty diner. Various characters display the anguish of isolation in typical Middle America widescreen scenery. But then the drums kick in, the amusement park comes alive, Bruce cracks a smile, and everything’s going to be okay.
(via Rolling Stone)

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