Friday, September 28, 2007

Mohsen Namjoo #4 - Ey Kash

Leave this god forsaken tavern and
Step on the path in which you'd THINK you're better
think you're better.
Oh love, i speak to you
Oh suffering...
What if
there was no judgement?
for the times have shown us no good will
the sun has expressed no motherly love
oh love, i speak to you
Oh suffering...
You said
My love has made me worthy of life
It is lifelessness that you don't even deserve.
Step on the path in which...

"...In the early 90s pop music was given some sort of green light. To compete with émigré singers who laddered lamentations in their songs about the lost country, the media officials of the Republic opened the way for pop Iranian music to be broadcast from the state radio and television. As such, a type of music that lived in quarantine throughout the 80s has today become household, with instruments like electric guitar and drums dominating it. Once pop was allowed as a musical form, rock could also find some justification for it not-entirely-underground existence. It is still true that in the cultural establishment of the Republic, rock is not without its problems, but it no longer has the same stigma that it did two decades ago.
The emergence with force of a new generation was inevitably behind a new understanding. Those born in the 80s were not exposed to many of the issues that their predecessors had to grapple with. The young, post-revolutionary generation sees herself on a par with citizens of any other country, be it Japan or England or America. She has experienced a technological equality that her father never did. The wide availability of Internet, mass-produced and illegally copied songs and movies, and many other products available to her in the current period, have made this equality more felt. This generation cannot sense the sufferings and limitations that his mother faced, the same limitations that made of her a unique citizen of the world.
We live in an era when the absence of dogged ideologies has become the most fashionable ideology itself. The young Iranian today doesn't see the world split between good and evil. Today, she can purchase a Fender brand guitar from the local shop and play her music in the private of her house, and sometimes on the tracks of an album

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