Friday, April 11, 2008

16 photographs of Bialik (his last year)

Ch. N. Bialik album
Bialik died in Vienna, Austria, on July 3, 1934, following a failed prostate operation. He was buried in Tel Aviv: a large mourning procession followed from his home on the street named after him, to his final resting place
This small album contains 16 photographs of Bialik made in the last year of his life
שש עשרה תמונות ח.נ. ביאליק בשנת חייו האחרונה
ח.נ. ביאליק : אלבום / התמונות צלמו ע"י הצלם שוכמן. -- תל-אביב : הוצאת "אילה" על-ידי "דביר", תרצ"ה 1935.

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