Friday, April 4, 2008

If My Grandmother Had Wheels . . .

Counterfactual history, also sometimes referred to as virtual history, is a recent form of historiography which attempts to answer "what if" questions known as counterfactuals. It seeks to explore history and historical incidents by means of extrapolating a timeline in which certain key historical events did not happen or had an outcome which was different from that which did in fact occur.(more from Wikipedia)

During the turbulent period immediately following the Great War, Disraelia was several times attacked by its neighbors, but these attacks were easily repelled owing to its own superior organization and modern equipment. More serious was the separatist strife inside the country in the late 1920s and the early 1930s. Matters came to a head with the assassination in 1929 of the president of Disraelia, Emanuel Marx (a grandson of Karl Marx, the Socialist thinker) by a group of Jewish fanatics who demanded the division of the country and the expulsion of all non-Jews. These extremists were harshly dealt with. Their crime was considered not just political murder but high treason; twenty of the ringleaders were executed following the verdict of a military court appointed during the state of emergency. About 150 of their militant followers were expelled from the country for perpetuity. Later there was an attempted coup in the Kurdish-Arab sector which also aimed at the partition of the country. This extremist group had tried to engage in terrorism during a few weeks but found no mass support. The main figures were apprehended and shot; appeals for clemency were disregarded.

Disraelia: A Counterfactual History, 1848-2008
by Walter Laqueur

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  1. I also envision that if Disrealia was created we would be a major player in sporting and entertainment - the best long distance Ethiopian runners would have blended in to the population, the long lost tribes from the Masai and Nigerian areas would have by now have adapted to the area, blended in with the smeckels from The Pale and created the Super NBA ( Red Auerbach , the fabled Coach of the Bostan Celtics would have been a true Gingy here , Michael Jordan a.k.a. Michael Ben Yarden - one of us , and for half time entertainment - the Ben Yaakov Family - a.k.a Michael and Yonit to entertain with funky fusion Disrealikite vibes.