Friday, April 18, 2008

Tuvia Yuster 1931-2005: A Tribute to Ein Hod Artist

In what he does, Tuvia Yuster walks between the local and the universal. In touching the philosophical polarity that characterizes our lives, originality compared to infinity, his works raise questions of identity and belonging. As an artist, he does not completely ascribe himself to formal abstract or figurative sculpture. At the same time, Yuster finds the main inspiration for his work in the Bible. He therefore sees himself as "a sculptor of the holy and the profane". Tuvia Iuster lived and workied in the artists' village Ein Hod since the late 1959's.
Director: Emanuel Rechtman
טוביה יוסטר 1931-2005
"האמן מעין הוד"
The Final Curtain...

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  1. My wife, Patricia Goldman, and I were thrilled to meet Tuvia at Ein Hod in 1992 after buying one of his smaller, bronze sculptures, which is displayed in the garden of our Washington, DC, USA, home. That day, March 25, happened to be both his birthday and mine, and when we discovered that, he invited us to his home and studio and gave us a drink to toast the coincidence. A second coincidence was discovering in the large collection of his friends' art in his living room a pencil portrait of Tuvia drawn by a friend of his whose last name was the same as my wife's late husband's. Tuvia declared the two coincidences "mystical".

    Stephen Kurzman