Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hedwig Grossmann: Terra Cotta הדויג גרוסמן:החרס

"Our friends among the artists proposed, that we take part in the foundation of the Artists' Village in Ein Hod near Haifa, based on the idea and plans of the painter Marcel Yanko.
This adventure attracted us. Thus we were too among the first and re-built us a small house out of the ruins, with two studios and planted a garden around it. The foundation of the artists' village by a small group of enthusiastic artists was done in a pioneering atmosphere. Young boys from the neighbouring Druze village Daliat-el-Carmei helped with the re-building work.
Wa lived under difficult conditions but in comradeship in a wonderful landscape. We used every weekend anrf vacations to go there and continue the work. I planned a large ceramic-workshop for the village, and in summer I gave there the first intensive ceramic courses for the members of the village and my advanced pupils, who came from Jerusalem.
Later I worked there in my own studio in ceramics, sculpture, drawing and wood-cuts, and taught individual young artists. We built a small potters kiln from local stones for our use.Time flew, divided between Jerusalem and Ein Hod. As I had not considered my physical resources, I got ill. After an operation, I was forced to limit physical work. The development of the Artists' Village did not come up to our expectations, that most of the artists would make it their permanent home. There was also not enough creative work and exchange of ideas and experiences and too much of entertainment and tourism. It had little appeal to youth. On(y in later years it seems to have changed. With a heavy heart, I left the village to which I had attached high hopes. In retrospect, I think that it is not healthy for a group of artists to live concentrated in an isolated spot without the basis of a normal population around them."

החרס : מבחר צילומים של 45 שנות יצירה בקדרות ופיסול קראמי / הדוויג גרוסמן-להמן ; צילומים - א' האוזר, ז' הרץ. -- [תל אביב] : ספריית השדה, (הקד' 1972).

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