Thursday, March 25, 2010

The 2010 Election Manifesto of the Pirate Party UK

The Pirate Party is a new type of political party.
A party that talks about issues the other parties ignore.
A party free from corruption and expenses scandals, free from lobbyists and party whips.
A party that is not left wing or right wing.
A party that admits it doesn't always have all the answers, and is willing to listen.A party that wants to give you more rights not burden you with any more taxes.
Our manifesto covers 3 main areas: copyright and patent law; privacy law; and freedom of speech.
Copyright and Patents
Our copyright law is hopelessly out of date. The Pirate Party wants a fair and balanced copyright law that is suitable for the 21st century
Copyright should give artists the right to be the only people making money from their work, but that needs to be balanced with 'fair use' rights for the public.
We will legalise use of copyright works where no money changes hands, which will give the public new rights;
A new right to format shift (for example, buy a CD then copy it to an iPod - which is currently illegal);
A new right to time shift (record a TV programme for watching later) and
A new right to share files (which provides free advertising that is essential for less-well-known artists).
Counterfeiting, and profiting directly from other people's work without paying them, will remain illegal(read more...)

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