Friday, March 5, 2010

J.Viewz: Hot !

J.Viewz, an Israeli band founded by producer Jonathan Dagan, is taking Israel and the United States by storm with its unique blend of electronic music and soul elements with Noa Lembersky's vocals

Dear friends,
We're getting ready to start the release of the next J.Viewz album "Work in Progress".
This project is sort of changing the way we release music; basically going from albums to singles, but there's more to it as those singles will 'fill up' the album one at a time and the whole process will take place on the
J.Viewz website.
check out this link for more details about Work in Progress
The first single of this project 'Come Back Down' (featuring folk vocalist Joshua James) will be released March 9th with a few different versions, all available for "Work in Progress" members.
You can listen to a sample of the song here
More news very soon,
and more

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