Saturday, October 6, 2007

Iran to Kyrgyzstan on Ramadan -Books not Nukes

Books have to be stored in certain conditions with defined temperature. In order to get rid of dampness the heating system is being changed in the national library. Aitby Samarbekovna is pleased more than others because she is the curator of ancient publications.
"Ancient books have unpleasant smell and the ventilation system does not cope with this. We cannot air the quarters properly," said she.
Absence of proper ventilation system is the second problem of the national library. Whereas with restoration of rare books, such as hand-written Koran, dated by the end of 18th century the situation is even worse. As it turned out there are no professional restorers in the country who can manage it.
In other countries ancient publications are being carefully treated -- modern masters decorate the pages and bring second life to the damaged by the time literature.
"This book was hand - written. Iran masters are trying to reproduce this type of writing. It is called tazhib -- meaning 'writing in gold'"
Today Iran publishers represented various book -- covers and extracts from Koran made on canvas.
"There were no machines that could do that back at those times. All the publications were handwritten. The presented works are very well made and this style is known as Iran style of writing," said Mohammad Reza Saburi, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassador from Islamic Republic of Iran to Kyrgyzstan.
The opening of the exposition during the saint Muslim month Ramadan is not accidental. It is considered that God's book was sent to profit Mohammed during this month.

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