Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yisrael "Poli" Poliakov 1941-2007

Yisrael "Poli" Poliakov, actor, singer and member of the legendary comedy trio Hagashash Hahiver (The Pale Scout), died Monday night of cancer at Petah Tikva's Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus, at age 66.
Yisrael "Poli" Poliakov in his recent role in the hit TV series 'All is honey'
Poliakov was hospitalized two weeks ago with a heart ailment; his death was announced on Tuesday morning.
He was born in Jerusalem in 1941, grew up in Tel Aviv and studied at the Kfar Hayarok agricultural high school. He planned to work as a farmer, but members of the Nahal Brigade's entertainment troupe spotted him at a school party and recruited him.
His professional career began in 1961 when he joined the band Hatarnegolim (The Roosters), composed of graduates of IDF musical groups. The group broke up in 1964.
In late 1963, agent/producer Abraham "Pashanel" Deshe started Hagashash Hahiver, composed of three members of Hatarnegolim - Poliakov, Yeshayahu "Shaike" Levy and Gavriel "Gavri" Banai. Deshe died of cancer in 2004, at age 78.
Together, Hagashash Hahiver created a unique Israeli comedy group whose jokes and skits acquired cult status and captured the Israeli character at its best and worst.
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