Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Swines in the Graveyard

Marauding wild boar have disturbed the peace of one of the biggest cemeteries in Europe in their quest for food, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.
A horde of wild boar has wreaked havoc in one of Europe's largest graveyards south of Berlin, devastating flowerbeds, ploughing up lawns and covering hundreds of memorial stones with soil.
Stahnsdorf cemetery has 120,000 graves, including some famous personalities including Werner von Siemens, the founder of the Siemens industrial group, and the artist Heinrich Zille.
The marauding boar didn't dig deep enough to uncover coffins, but they did ruin an area of 1,070 German wartime graves containing civilian victims of bombing raids and soldiers, said Ihlefeldt. They left a fenced-off section of British and Italian war graves untouched, however.
Boars have roamed the huge 206 hectare site for years but they have recently increased in number and become an unacceptable nuisance, said Ihlefeldt, who has called in hunters to restore order.(fron Spiegel)
Our local Ein Hod swine leaves dead alone!

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