Friday, October 26, 2007

Marsh Dondurma and Uptown Downtown

Marsh Dondurma on the streets of Guca, serbia (brass band festival.
Marching straight out of Jerusalem, "Marsh Dondurma" is on the move. This new Israeli brass band, formed just two years ago, has been raving Israel ever since. Be it street parties, parades, clubs or venues, this cheerful group has made its mark almost everywhere, leaving a streak of joyful dancers behind them.
The band is a community of 15 musicians, combining brass, reed and percussion instruments. Delivering with such an acoustic might, these guys can play almost anywhere. On stage or on the street,marching or dancing, the strong friendship among the members seems to bring out the true happiness found in music.
Marsh Dondurma, he says, who will perform in the series Jazz Uptown Downtown in January in Tel Aviv.
Albert Beger(ex einhodian) will perform purest example of downtown sound in the final concert of the series in June. This is the only concert that will contain an element of Free Jazz.

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