Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Niva-Russian Submarine

In Russia and Europe the Niva was used as an ambulance, a military vehicle, and by various police forces (eg Slovakia) and utility companies (eg Manx Electricity Board).
Transmanche-Link, the consortium of companies organized to construct the Channel Tunnel between England and France, used a fleet of 45 Nivas to aid in the enormous project. Each Niva accumulated in excess of 70,000 off-road kilometres during its employment, and after construction ceased in 1993 the fleet was sold off to a local dealer.
In Brazil, during the first years of the 1990s, Niva was the best-selling off-road vehicle. In fact, the Niva was so cheap, that even with the 85% importation value tax, Niva was less expensive than Brazilian cars such as the Envemo or Gurgel. It sold so much more than the Gurgel Carajás, that Gurgel discontinued it in January, 1991. In fact, the Niva was the first imported 4X4 in the Brazilian market, that the then Brazilian president Fernando Collor permitted the importation of other vehicles in 1990. In the Brazilian market, a used 1991 Niva, in good condition, costs about US$3,000/R$6,000. Competition and higher importation value taxes, forced the Niva to be retired from the Brazilian market. Even so, thousands of Niva remain in use in Brazil.Lada Niva was the first imported car to have sucess in brazilian market, in last 30 years.Its good price, reliability was responsable for the end of production of Gurgel jeeps in 1991.In fact between 1990 and 1993 was the most selled jeep in brazilian car market...MORE>>

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