Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Alternative Russian (not Medvedev)

The Alternative dictionaries are a collection of various forms of "bad language" from many languages. At the moment, there are 2743 entries in 162 dictionaries. This is a collaborative project with contributions from a lot of people
бардак ~ bardak (m.,noun,pron.bahr-dack') brothel (literally);disorder, mess, disarray note Most frequent use connected rather with untidiness than with prostitution.
бздёнок ~ bzdenok (masc. noun) ‡ little old man who farts frequently note /bzdYO nok/, archaic, only older generations know this one
блядки ~ bl'adki (noun) † fuck session note The underlying meaning is that the person is gonna fuck with whores or with occasional partner (maybe he gonna find some chick in a bar) or with somebody he knows but who has low moral principals. It isn't used if man gonna have sex with his girlfriend.
блядовать ~ bl'adovat' (verb) ‡ to be a prostitute note Also means 'to fuck with everybody who wants ( maybe for free)'
блядство ~ bl'adstvo (noun) ‡ See comments note 1. A complex of habits, manners and also a way of life of a whore; 2. Prostitution in common; 3. Bad situation.
блядь ~ bl'ad' † bitch note often used like "well", but in the end of a clause
бугор ~ bugor the boss note Used in penitentiary for the men who control the criminals.
во пизду ~ vo pizdu (expr) to hell note like "v pizdu", but made less strong by changing the preposition into "vo" and stressing this preposition. used in a funny way among friends
встать раком ~ vstat' rakom (expr) To assume a doggy position. note It means 1) to assume a dggy pose for havinf sex; 2) To assume any unsuitable position, to be in unpleasant situation.
выёбываться ~ vye"byvat'sja (v., intr., imperfect aspect) † to brag, show off note The word comes from the root ebat'. Ty u menja dovye"byvaesh'sja skoro. If you keep on showing off like that you're gonna be in trouble. (It has a flavor of 'Stop bugging me or else!').
гандон ~ gandon (noun) † condom
говно ~ govno † shit note Used in literal reference only. Not used like its English counterpart.
говнюк ~ govn'uk † bastard (more... much more>>)

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  1. I have heard alternative usage for bugor- za bugor means to go abroad