Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Never dye your hair

As we discovered in his book The Double Helix, Nobel Prize winner James D. Watson – immortalized for his part in revealing the structure of DNA – is a colorful, larger than life character. Surprisingly, the science in Watson's Double Helix is almost, if not entirely, overshadowed by the wheeling and dealing of his ambitious scientific peers – which is exactly what makes it such a rollickingly good read. Now, unencumbered by political correctness, and wielding an innate sense of candor, Watson again pries open the inner workings of scientific research – this time for the benefit of neophyte scientists. Avoid Boring People is both the product of an exemplary scientific career and an exceptional life, and the gems of wisdom that Watson imparts will surely fast-track any young scientist's ambitions. Watson's advice is the type that you'd expect from a man who "discovered the secret of life"; the kinds of things that you'd change if you could live your life over again.(read more>>)
Avoid Boring People: Lessons From A Life In Science
James D. Watson (2007)

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  1. I am blessed with some degree of personal acquintenance with this, in my opinion, the Greatest of Biologists of 20 and 21 century!