Friday, January 11, 2008

Grass is indispensable for Victory

Hemp for Victory is a black-and-white film produced in 1942 by the USDA outlining a plan to distribute 400,000 lbs. of cannabis seeds to ... all » American farmers with the goal of producing 350,000 acres of cannabis by 1943 -- all for the war effort. The USDA even went as far as to urge 4-H clubs to grow at least half an acre, but preferably 2 acres of cannabis. All American farmers were required to see the film, sign a paper saying that they had viewed the film, and read a booklet on the matter. Farmers who agreed were waived from serving in the military, and all their family members were also exempt. They received farm equipment at a discounted price, and sometimes for free.

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  1. Yeah that was before they demonized Cannabis to stenghten the Company that was Producing Nylon Yarn.
    It's a shame, but I'm sure Cannabis will return to it's power.