Friday, January 25, 2008

Dylan and The Hawks

Bob Dylan's Eat the Document is a documentary that captures the madness that ensued during Dylan and The Hawks 1966 tour of Europe in which Dylan transformed himself from an acoustic folk singer to a rock ‘n’ roll musician.
Bob Dylan's 1966 tour of Europe created more controversy and artistic debate than any other tour to date. Dylan left behind his image as a scruffy, socially relevant folk singer and now embraced rock ‘n’ roll: his clothes were mod, his lyrics oblique, and the music loud. His once loyal fans bombarded him with shouts of "Judas" and "traitor." The enveloping madness was captured by filmmaker Donn Pennebaker, who made the documentary of Dylan's 1965 tour, Don't Look Back. Eat the Document was later edited by Bob Dylan with Howard Alk resulting in an extraordinary look into the artist's psyche. (read more>>)

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