Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Molly Mackey and the wrath of the jilted collector

Molly Mackey has been an independent book dealer for more than 10 years. She gained her book knowledge as a used book buyer for Bodhi Tree bookstore on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. From there she moved to an on-line independent career. Molly and her partner manage a used and rare book inventory of more than 25,000 titles.
A first edition of “Gravity’s Rainbow,” a signed copy of “Naked Lunch,” a early version of Wilde’s “Salome” with the Aubrey Beardsley cover intact…these are some of the holy grails of the rare book world and each worth a great deal. Indeed, the exciting world of book collecting has its share of fortunes to be made, but not all of these are through honest means. Illicit copies abound, so buyers must know exactly what to look for before investing in a rare book. And sellers must know exactly how to describe their books to potential customers wary of a scam or simply an inaccurate listing by someone unfamiliar with the stringent standards of this exclusive world.
In this series of internet commerce videos, Molly Mackey gives you expert advice on how to sell your old books. She tells you how to determine their value using the esoteric language of the rare book world. Molly shows examples of different book flaws and tells you how to describe them to potential buyers. You will also learn how to target potential internet buyers with just the right keywords. Watch these videos before you begin selling your books, and you will learn how to avoid the wrath of the jilted collector.
1. Learn How to sell used books on the internet

2. Learn How to make your listing standout on the internet

3. Learn Terminology for book damage

4. Learn How to spot the Inside book flaws

5. Learn about Signed books and their relevance

6. Learn How to spot the outside book flaws

7. Learn How to spot outside book assets

8. Learn How to use keywords in your book listings

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