Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coxcombs, Tendons and Trotters

On a rainy Tuesday night in lower Manhattan, about 80 people gathered in a long, brick-walled room above a liquor store to eat the parts of animals that most people throw away. Cooking this six-course tour of the abattoir floor was Chris Cosentino, the head chef at Incanto, in San Francisco, and the proprietor of Offal Good, a blog devoted to exactly what you think it's devoted to.
Cosentino's head-to-tail dinners have become something of a cult foodie event in the Bay Area; this was the first time he had done one of them away from home. Michael Ruhlman, a food writer whose book "Charcuterie" (written with Brian Polcyn) is indispensable to anyone with even a passing interest in cured meats and sausages, emceed the event. (read more on Moreintelegentlife)

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