Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Mille-feuille,Cremeschnitte and Napoleon

The Mille-feuille (French 'thousand sheets'), Napoleon, vanilla slice, cream slice or custard slice is a pastry made of several layers of puff pastry alternating with a sweet filling
Names for the Napoleon pastry in other languages:
In Arabic "ميل فى" [mīlfī]
In Dutch "tompoes", (or En:Tompouce) and in Belgium, near the French-Dutch language boundary also "mille-feuille" pronounced as [me'fj].
In English (Australia) "Vanilla slice"
In English (U.K.) "Vanilla slice" or "Cream slice"
In English (U.S.) "Napoleon"
In Estonian "Napoleoni kook" or "napoleonikook" ('Napoleon's cake')
In French "Mille-feuille" ('Thousand sheets')[2]
In German "Cremeschnitte" ('cream slice'); the dough is "Blätterteig" ('sheet dough'); also "Napoleonschnitte"
In Hebrew "קרם שניט" [krem nitte]
In Hungarian "Francia krémes"
In Japanese "ミルフィーユ" [mir fījɯ]
In Norwegian "Napoléon's kake" ('Napoleon's cake')
In Polish "Napoleonka"
In Portuguese "Mil-folhas" ('Thousand-sheets')
In Russian "Наполеон" ('Napoleon').
In Spanish "Milhojas"
In Swedish "Napoleonbakelse" ('Napoleon pastry')
In Turkish "Milföy"
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