Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lora Verhovsky In Ein Hod

Lora Verhovsky is an Artist that revives the old technique, called "Leather Intarsia", but in new forms of expression and new subjects, as a contemporary form of decorative art, and creates large Leather Pictures so unique, that other like works simply do not exist
"Leather Intarsia" technique have been used by French and Italian artisans in 17-18 centuries, when the majestic Baroque stepped elegantly aside in favor of the playful Rococo.The variety of products, such as book covers, decorative boxes, wallpaper for carriages and clothing, had been created using this complex and labour-consuming technique, demanding huge patience and time. Today, unfortunately, only in few museums around the world we can see and admire those creations (more...)
Lora Verhovsky is taking part in a exibition in Ein Hod on 8th of March

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