Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ein hod potters in raanana

An exhibition of the ceramics created by the best of Israel's artists will open at the Hutzot Gallery.During the exhibition, works of sculpture, pots, and other ceramics will be on saleThe annual Israel Ceramics Celebration will be held for the 8th consecutive year, in conjunction with the Raanana Municipality and Israel's Association of Ceramic Artists.61 artists, who were selected by the curator's committee, will participate in the event. They will display the best of their creations and a wide variety of artwork, including: sculpture, functional pottery, design ware, etc. Their work will be on sale to the public. Naomi Verchovsky and Zeev(from Ein Hod) will be there.Among the artists presenting are: Mark Yodel, Boris Katz, Rachel London Katz and Natan Halperin, who will present humoristic sculptures. Meir Mohaven, Michal and Gilles Goure will present functional pottery made by anegam fire. Shulamit Miller will display objects made with a crystal glaze and Anna Carmi, objects with palm tree designs. Marcel Klein, Stella Lahav, Laurie Goldstein will display special designs each with their own flair. Tanat Avaka will display Ethiopian ceramics. Young artists will present some innovative designs, such as Cochavit Ben Ezra Goldberg, Studio MUD and many other talents.
The exhibition will include special displays such as the video-art display of Tal Gilboa Ardon; a potter's wheel demonstration, where potters will display their work methods, and activity centers, where children can take a turn at making their own pottery, together with students from the Tel Hai College.(more..)

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