Sunday, May 13, 2007

There will never be a fat president???

ALMOST 700,000 online viewers have watched "A Fat Rant," a YouTube sermon that dares fat women to stop obsessing about how they could look and start feeling good about the way they are.
And if you're one of them, you will understand the brazenly self-righteous appeal of "A Fat Rant's" creator, Joy Nash, talking to the camera, tooling around in her convertible, West Adams in the background, and walking through the rose garden at Exposition Park.
Other performers may try to reform America's attitude toward fat, but Nash wants to reform fat people's attitude toward themselves. "We need to expand our souls," she says, "and I think there are a whole lot of fat people out there who can use a whole lot more self confidence. Stop putting life on hold." (more from LA Times)

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