Sunday, May 13, 2007

The harp of Yuval Kainer and the drums of Nobuya Yamaguchi

Last summer the team at Roth//Tevet> Experience Design unveiled "Soundscapes", an installation computer-controlled musical instruments, mostly realized at a giant scale. The dramatic lighting and setting enhances the muli-sensory experience of the project. Starting in April the exhibit re-opened in the courtyard of the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem and will run through the summer of 2007. According to the designers 'the instruments are played automatically and controlled via a computer, yet keeping a natural and acoustic sound.'(more via core 77)
Nobuya Yamaguchi and Yuval Kainer from Ein Hod created the "steel drums" and the "harp".The music for the installation was composed by Didi Fire. Fire developed a special program for music that integrates the artist’s decisions and the logic system of the computer. The resulting compositions are a combination of the composer's personal inspirations and the logic of the computer
watch the video from themedialine.

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